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NAMS At-Home COVID Test Kit Distribution - 3/4/22

Good Morning NAMS Families,

For those who have signed up for the At-Home COVID-19 Testing Program, your child(ren)’s test kits are being distributed to students by their homeroom teachers today. Instead of 1 box, each student will be receiving 2 boxes (4 kits). We thought this would make it easier for everyone by sending kits home once per month instead of having to distribute every two weeks. The next distribution date would be April 1, 2022.

If you have not opted in to the At-Home Testing Program and would like to, you can sign up at Opt-In At-Home Test Link.

You can select the day of the week that works best for your family to administer the rapid test.

You only need to report positive test results Positive Result Link.

How do I administer the test?

  • Click here for a full “how to” written guide in various languages

  • Click here for a video of an individual self-testing

Illustration of how to administer a home COVID-19 test

If you have any questions about the program please contact your school nurse.

Kathleen Pease at

Jessica Wolfe at


Be well,

Jorge Goncalves