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NAMS Challenge & Updates - Day 4

NAMS Challenge & Updates - Day 4

Hello NAMS Families,

We’re on our way to reaching our goal of $30,001. Thank you for your support so far!

Did you know you can ask for pledges from ANYONE in the world? That’s right! We’re trying to get a pledge from all 50 states. Who knows someone from Nebraska? Oregon? Connecticut? Tennessee? Share your page and see if they’ll make a donation to help us reach our goal while earning sweepstakes entries in the process!

We have a winner from this weekend! Winning the $50 Amazon Gift Card is Mari Drouin!

Our next winner could win a…drum roll please… Phone Projector. Wow!

Make sure you log onto MYBOOSTER.COM today so you can send texts, emails, and post on social media to earn more sweepstakes entries!!

Click here to Register and Share on MYBOOSTER.COM!

TONIGHT’S NAMS CHALLENGE is to read, move, or serve with a friend! 

Students (staff too if you wish) should be sure to post videos by 10:00 p.m. and add the hashtag #NAMSChallenge4 to your Facebook or Instagram post!

🤩Remember, any funds raised DIRECTLY impact students and staff! Thank you so much!